fiddle me this

at what point does celebrating the past become Spitting on the present?

when does sweet nostalgia sour into Depression or Unhappiness.

when are you officially in a Rut?

i’ve become that Annoying dude who never shuts up about his “travels to nepal,” or whatever.

a monotoned sensation.

one hit wonder.

Fuck you.

i’m not tone deaf.

i just need a new fiddle.



Freestyle Friday: Beautiful Chaos

And then, suddenly, an unexpected wind sweeps in and engulfs me in her fury.

She howls and blows and rages.

Beautiful chaos.

When she finally ceases, nothing is the same. The lens in which I viewed the world has been shattered, lost forever in the madness of the storm. I grieve for my ignorance while rejoicing in new found liberation. I am lost and uncertain. Naked and hungry.

Ravaged by the storm.